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UNIGEON is a dungeon crawler/(roguelike) game where you visit a dungeon full of monsters. This dungeon as one particularity : instead having multiples room separeted by loading screens, you have one big dungeon and you can visit all the parts of it (if it's unlocked).

The game mechanics are very simple :

  • You can't save : if you quit the game, you'll need to restart at the beginning.
  • If you die, you lose all your stuff and progression. (You can't really die in the current version because I didn't create the death system yet).
  • You have three differents ressources : wood, minerals and satsoprase. The wood and the minerals is useful to craft weapons on the forge and the satsoprase will be use (in further versions) for levelling up your character. These ressources can be collected with miners (like the blue strange cube at the beginning of the game).
  • You can craft weapons at forges if you have wood and minerals. The price and the weapon is totally random. 

And after, more and more stuff...


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