New version : Alpha 4.0

Here is the Alpha 4.0 of Diversity Plant: Evolution. Welcome to new visitors and now I explain new things added and changes in the game:

First of all, the Save / Load function is temporarily disabled because there are problems with the loading button. Now the mouse has a custom cursor and if you touch a plant, you can see the information about the plant as the name and current status of it.

New object added in the game but still useless: "The FIELD EXPANSION"! What does the expansion of the land do? With the expansion of the field, you can somehow "evolve" your operation. It simply allows to pass to the farm of the upper floor.
I do not change much, but I still have a lot to do on this game and I'm not ready to finish. In the comments of the page, you can give your ideas of additions or bugs and I correct them.


Diversity Plant Evolution Alpha 4.0 11 MB
Jul 03, 2017

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