The end of the development

I am "sorry" to announce it but today I have to tell you that the development of Diversity Plant: Evolution and HZA stops abruptly here. For the record, I was really able to develop these two games for many months, and I also had to format my PC to avoid having problems (I even lost the USB that had saving my projects -_-). But I did not want to code with GameMaker, for once I wanted to change and discover new ways to create a game. And with my friend D3NX (whom I thank a billion times for helping me), I was able to learn the Ruby. On his YouTube channel, I am interested in his videos to understand everything and that's why I will not leave play for a long time. But the ideas fuse in my little skull of young creator and without giving you false hopes, I think that a sequel to Diversity Plant, a "remake" of HZA and new games are coming.

Those projects that I decide to stop are not going to stay very long in the darkness. I'll see you soon for new adventures (what the fuck!)

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