Some problem with 3.0

Hey people!

Today I will tell you something. First, I actually develop the Alpha 3.0 of Diversity Plant: Evolution. There is an Easter egg with "C-O-W", but I did not mention it.

And most important in this devlog is: There is a huge bug in the game. It is normal that there are bugs in games but this bug makes development much more complicated and much longer. I tried tenths of code without success.
The problem :
When we buy a seed from the market, instead of giving us 1 single for its price (example: 1 grain of wheat = 3 money), the game makes us buy a complete stock with all the money we have.

What I want :
Click left -> buy a seed -> take 3 currency

What the game does to me:
Left Click (This is for example) -> buys all the seeds-> loses all the money.

And this problem is very disturbing and prevents me from concentrating on novelties to add in the game.

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