New Update : The 2.0 !

Hi guys !

Today i'm gonna show you the new update of Diversity Plant : Evolution ! First, to buy plants you need to go in front of the market situated in the up-right corner of the map. Also, to view the number of ressources(plants,vegetables,..) you have to go to the crate situated in the down-right corner of the map. The sprite of the truck as modified and it's more real but it will be deleted in the next version.

When you walk past the market, two buttons appear, and when you click on one of these buttons, you can plant your vegetable (or whatever) when you right-click on the plowed ground.

This is the end of this new update, do not hesitate to give ideas or post bugs for them to be corrected in the next version.


Diversity Plant Evolution Alpha 2.0 2 MB
Jun 09, 2017

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